Software Development


Cloud video retail events recognition

RINF TECH and its partners are working together to develop a solution rooted in the latest Machine Learning and video analytics trends. The main purpose is to vastly decrease the amount of time necessary for codifying a video, while improving the overall accuracy of the process.

Our Solution

Vid.Supervisor is a machine-learning model that runs over a video to identify and tag behaviors.

For a visual map of reaching the end objective, we can take as example the next journey:

System setup, user management, project definition

Uploading videos into the System and defining codebook tags: actions/quantities/locations

Streaming the videos for manual tagging

Generating codebook excels

System proposing values for tags

User confirming/correcting tags

Automated identification of patterns & behavior insight (human review is needed for 100% accuracy)

Key Features

Person Detection
People Recognition
Sewing Videos by: Person, Tag, Location etc.


Lines of code written


Hours of work


AI and machine learning combined in an application can help you:

  • Supervise employee activity
  • Supervise processes and the quality of the services you provide
  • Improve your services
  • Detect what needs improvement
  • Identify your client's needs
  • Helps you with better marketing strategies based on the tracked activity of your customers
  • Helps your employees by saving precious time and lets them focus on decision making services