Open Academy by RINF TECH

Are you young, dynamic and willing to learn more? Are you about to finish University, getting a technical degree? Are you willing to enrol in a training program to start your career? If YES, Then JOIN NOW! 

Be part of a young, dynamic and evolving team!

RINF TECH is “the way” to start your career or get new technical skills running from scratch.

What will you be learning?

  • General programing skills for microcontrollers
  • Hands on work in real projects

What will be covered

  • What is embedded development
  • Scripting language basics
  • Digital hardware, CPU and microcontroller architecture
  • Assembly language and link between C and assembly
  • Very basic hardware debugging
  • FreeRTOS basic architecture
  • Basic driver concepts
  • Writing simple drivers barebone and RTOS
  • Simple protocol implementation and debugging

Be part of this program and upgrade your career today!

About Open Academy

Open Academy by RINF TECH Academy is an  intensive learning program designed to support students that want to build a career in programming.

It generates a career kick-start through one month of training and guidance  followed by one month of real hands on project with RINF TECH senior engineers!

Why joining the program?

  • You will upgrade your theoretical knowledge with practical expertise
  • Fast learning – this is a very customised program
  •  Hands on experience in a domain with high demand
  • Access to a great pool of technical knowledge
  • Get a full scholarship, this is a FREE program based on selection
  • Upgrade your CV and boost your career
  • Start a real internship with practical knowledge at hand

Vision of the project

We want to contribute to the alignment of the Romanian IT market with the international one ( by creating learning opportunities) and we also want to encourage students to build their careers and gain access to various job opportunities.

We want to put emphasis, on the qualities of the young people of our generation: they are visionary, involved and constantly looking for ways to get inspired and have unique experiences in the working field.


Location: Green Court Bucharest, 4 Gara Herastrau Street, Building B, 3rd Floor, District 2