AI Development


MATT is the automated touchscreen testing robot created in our RINF TECH Innovation Laboratory, an embodiment of our forward-thinking approach and passion for technology.

It may look like a robot, but it acts like a human

MATT offers high performance sensors that are able to test a display beyond pixel level accuracy. It includes all human-like motions and feelings, such as pressure sensitive touches, haptic feedback, multi-touch.

The robot is an intuitive solution for testing services as it makes touchscreen testing more efficient in terms of imitating human movements, precision, time, speed and costs.

Multi device

All-in-one system


Autonomous software testing

Image recognition

Next level testing

Integrated camera vision & sound recognition allow for full testing cycles that would otherwise be only performed by humans.

MATT’s software allows for both hardware & software components to be tested as part of the same scenario.


The robot is in prepped for mass production stage and schedules to be launched in December 2018.

To learn more about MATT's prototype, its features, and upcoming releases, reach out to one of our regional offices.