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Device Management

Meet our asset tracking and transport handling Cloud based platform for worldwide carriers. 

Our Solution

Using various IoT sensors and a global MNO/MVNO network, the platform enables carriers to collect information about the location of asset, what are the transport conditions (humidity, temperature) and how the asset is handled during the entire transport (if the package was dropped or opened).

All information is collected in real-time and it's available in public or private cloud.
  • Monitor the location of asset with GPS accuracy
  • Track temperature from -15C up to +50C
  • Monitor relative humidity between 0-100%
  • Receive a default tilt alert if a parcel is subject to a tilt of more than 30 degrees in any direction
  • Verifies if a shipment has not been opened. Triggers alert when tracker is exposed to more than 4.0 LUX
  • Alert triggered if box subject to 0.4 seconds, freefal - live data about the asset available to customers in the cloud

Sensor that collects temperature and humidity values

Connected to IoT Gateway (PC, via USB)

IoT GW is connected to Azure IoT Hub over internet and using MQTT protocol

App is hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud and connected via AMQP protocol

App manages the users and the devices

User is associated with a pre-charged and customized billing account

All information is stored into a MariaDB hosted in cloud

IoT GW collects information from sensors at a a configurable interval

Sends information to IoT HUB via MQTT protocol

IoT Hub notifies the app via AMQP protocol

When a message is received, app deducts the configured amount of money from user

App generates analytics

Key Features

GPS location tracking

Temperature conditions

Humidity conditions

Shock events recording for miss-handling

Light detection for package opening


Lines of code written


Hours of work

50 K

Tracked parcels


The asset tracking platform can help carriers to:

  • Track the asset all the time from departure to destination
  • Track transport conditions from departure to destination
  • Track handling conditions from departure to destination
  • Offer an WEB UI for a better customer service