Ideation Workshops

Custom ideation process is made simple and manageable with the Tech Forge™ - RINF TECH’s innovation framework.

Involve us in your story so that we contribute with the essential framework for:

  • Ideas sourcing, filtering and enriching
  • Ideation, marketplace sampling and stakeholder interviews
  • Internal buy-in at all organizational levels
  • Strategize impact and transformation roadmap
  • Design Thinking
  • Idea and innovation management

Ideas are many, just like atoms - everywhere. They need to pair up before they can form molecules.

The most noble elements are forged inside the heart of stars, enriched over time under extremes (pressures and temperatures) to build endurance.

We always discover that client organizations are rich with ideas and initiatives oftentimes isolated at team level. The current paradigm of productivity is focused on KPIs and assessments that disable off-topic free conversations – and sometimes the top down and bottom up free flow of ideas all together.

RINF TECH applies incubator-inspired methods to source meaningful solutions that have been dormant in the teams. These solutions are partial – they need pairing up with vision elements originating at management level and mapping with other partial solutions raising up from other places within the organization.