Integration trumps feature

Integration Factory

Tech Garages™ at RINF TECH bridges the potential with the factual… connect the deep tech dots… and brings the energetic drive of an external organization (committed to demonstrate) with the transparency, flexibility and discipline of an in-house development team.

We offer:

  • Solutions for EDI, EAI, API factory, SDK, plugins, add-ons, add-ins
  • Bridges, wrappers and stable packaging etc.
  • Committed crews, infrastructure, and unwavering upkeep (support)
  • Transparency and KPI-based measurements

Silo thinking and legacy setups get reviewed and redefined. Then next generation feature sets can emerge. But wait… the users we target are captive elsewhere ! Will a simple feature set be enough for users to move across ?!... how long before they jump again or go back ?... No, big no no !... we’ve been down this path before.

How about we partner and integrate along the value-chain instead… enhancements will flow free from then on.

Yes, integration trumps feature !

Tech Garages™ at RINF TECH were designed to allow for integrations to flourish in the midst of any technological challenge.