Custom Software Development

Let us know your business objectives, your current pains and roughly conceptualize your needs. We‘ll shape the details of what suits you best together.

With our extensive technical expertise we surely can deliver to-the-point solutions:

  • Scaled Agile principles (SAFe)
  • CI/CD up to full-automation
  • High scalability & low latency Design
  • Minimum infrastructure dependency
  • In-code business modelling through Domain Entities
  • Microservices & Serverless Approach
  • Carefully tailored Tech Stack that meets the needs
  • Telemetry and Logging for predictable and fast maintenance
  • Staging/live-like environment definition
  • ITIL-based automated maintenance process
  • “It works on my machine” avoidance

We truly know the difference between writing code and building solutions. Building to last is always an uphill battle in software development

In a continuously changing business and technical context every solution‘s relevance needs to be re-assessed and minute adjustments be made. A solution for Today‘s problem easly becomes a problem Tomorrow. Continuous reshaping is a matter of survival. With us you’ll never be alone in this.

We can not only easily change what we build but can give you visibility into how we do this. A carefully crafted, minimum-invasive, consistent and controlled approach is our distinct signature.