Custom Hardware Components

Tech Garages™ at RINF TECH transform a simple sketch or sample product and make it a reality. Let us take your PCB, hardware or prototype product from design to production and distribution.

Custom manufacturing process is simple. Involve us in your story so that:

  • we’ll put together your specifications
  • we’ll bring it to our network of offshore vendors to source your materials and get you pricing quotes
  • we’ll get what you’re looking for, even if your needs extend beyond our traditional specialty areas of webbing, plastic and hardware.

From there on we’ll develop a sample product that meets your exact specification and needs.

As a maker, our attitude and priority is to be molding for you a quality product.

We use rigorous laboratory tests during our production process to make sure that your creation is strong, of superior quality, and deserves to have your product name on it.

Because we have both EU and Asian partners laboratories, you can rest assured that nothing will ship out until it meets the specifications we design together, which saves you the hassle and delays involved in returns.