Content Engineering

We develop autonomous solutions that examine any type of content (text, video, images, media), together with real-time monitoring services.

We offer:

  • Processing at the EDGE, instead of oversizing the up/downloads - data scrutiny, reports and metrics
  • Content digitization, creation and translation (e.g. tokenization, sentence splitting, part-of-text tagging, lemmatization and parsing)
  • OCR, digital text forensics, writing styles fingerprinting, semantic analytics, authorship etc.
  • Content review or real-time content adjustments for technical consistency and policy enforcement

Digitalization of legacy archives and the exponential rate of generating data, information & knowledge generate – stirred by mobility, IoT, Robotics, social media, to name a few - bring a next level challenge: preserving both structure and dynamic while stemming deeper meaning.

RINF TECH backs companies which want manage and structure their content through automated solutions. With reports, investigations, maps and directions, we shape raw data into the decision assisting tools which connect companies with their customers. These tools can later gain certain degrees of autonomy and perhaps… cognitivity ?!... but for now let’s keep the grasp with the present.