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Cybersecurity as a Service

Tech Garages™ at RINF TECH is leverage best of the breed technologies and security best practices for integrated threat detection and response across multiple layers of enterprise IT, removing siloed approach to security

To Automate, Accelerate, and Orchestrate the Threat Defense Lifecycle, we offer enhanced visibility and situational awareness across network, end points and cloud with a tiered approach to address security needs based on threat/risk profile of organization by monitoring:

  • Log management, event management
  • Compliance reporting
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Web estate protection
  • Data loss prevention
  • Vulnerability assessment and prioritization
  • Network and end point forensics
  • Cyber and risk analytics
  • Risk management and decision support
  • Fast Recovery & Business Continuity

At RINF TECH cyber risk protection  leverages multiple technologies employed together to effectively address all the cyber security risks; from detection to triage, response and remediation. Our cyber risk management framework leverages multiple security technologies including Security Information and Events Management (SIEM), advanced and next generation network, endpoint security and Data Loss Prevention (DLP), providing deeper analytics and insights for an integrated approach to handle overall threat lifecycle and address cyber security risks holistically.

CSaaS includes: integrated strategy and plans across functions to systematically bolster your organization’s security capabilities, consolidated internal and external intelligence to contextualize and prioritize threats; tighter integration between data, processes, and products to improve visibility, enable more effective analytics, and actions; cost reduction of incident response and compliance despite an increasing volume of events, incidents, and regulatory actions.

These elements in their turn enable real time visibility, to effectively detect, investigate, and adapt to future attacks and  comprehensive security management that narrows the time to detection and resolution from days, weeks, or months to hours, minutes, or even seconds.

From malicious intents to mistakes or overlooking all can lead to disaster. You might be safe now but with cyber risks luring everywhere you need someone who knows this realm to stay safe. Leave all these concerns to us so you can look forward and grow your business

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