RINF TECH is empowering the Architects of the Future to proceed in their global innovation journey.
Our teams have keen focus on high quality managed services and products when delivering innovative solutions that drive business growth.





Experience Design

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Advanced Practices

Nowadays, the feedback-loops between and business have long surpassed traditional long term lifetime fidelity. Users are accustomed to guide back and shift their positioning without notice, hence products and services providers must earn each bit of the loyalty they get. In this context, no wonder that in our CX design we choose to place customers first.

From the development of Minimum Viable Products for hardware devices to software suites either enterprise grade or for EMD electronic market delivery. Hence we deal continuous artefact development, ongoing feature review and solid testing automation. RINF TECH decides to collaborate with growing companies that are on a quest to continuously innovate their products and services, from chip to cloud, ensuring victory on the digital transformation battlefields and adjustment to marketplace imperatives within the foreseeable trends.

Software products and services are outlining and nourishing nowadays trades. In an atmosphere crammed with ideas and prototypes, we help companies boil down to essential their brand messages and clarify their portfolio. We put forth the familiarity, processes and technologies for construction of the next digital products and services. This allows for precision in communications, economy in toolkits choice, vigor in workflows and processes and serendipitous findings.

Silo thinking and legacy setups get reviewed and redefined. Then next generation feature sets can emerge. But wait… the users we target are captive elsewhere ! Will a simple feature set be enough for users to move across ?!... how long before they jump again or go back ?... No, big no no !... we’ve been down this path before.