Digital Components

Software products and services are outlining and nourishing nowadays trades. In an atmosphere crammed with ideas and prototypes, we help companies boil down to essential their brand messages and clarify their portfolio. We put forth the familiarity, processes and technologies for construction of the next digital products and services. This allows for precision in communications, economy in toolkits choice, vigor in workflows and processes and serendipitous findings.

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Big Data & Analytics

We map and generate high relevance context with the aim of enriching content and facilitating collaboration within the organization, but even more so in the client’s ecosystem alongside the industrial value chains.

We develop and make good use of:

  • distributed, relational and analytical databases;
  • stream processing, search and indexing;
  • work schedules, reports, and dashboards;
  • data cleansing, mining, sharing and modeling;
  • data warehouses and ETL/data management.

Integrations need deeper insights otherwise they were implemented already. Silo thinking and legacy setups are reviewed and redefined so the next generation feature sets can be integrated.

From comprehending consumer patterns, predicting market outcomes, breeding profound customer experiences we outbreak decisions – with a larger compass – large enough to resolve the root cause of challenging issues.

AI Computer Vision

With Computer Vision we provide rapid and accurate assessment of imagery to support daily operations in ways that boost efficiency and effectiveness.

We achieve these by releasing resources and by providing critical information in near real time and in a cost effective manner.

Methodologically we go through three sequential stages:

  1. Acquiring images – or the process of rendering our world in binary data composed of zeroes and ones.
  2. Processing images – the use of algorithms and mathematical techniques in order to deduce information about the image’s basic geometric components (edges, features, segments etc.). Some of these algorithms include edge detection, segmentation, classification, feature detection and matching.
  3. Analyzing and understanding images – the last step of Computer Vision that leads to decision making. In this stage, high-level algorithms such as 3D scene mapping, object recognition and object tracking are used together with the image data obtained in the first stage and processed in the second one.

Computer Vision and Machine Learning are emerging tools that are largely available today. It’s an opportunity for organizations to step up in how they deal with operations, image processing opening a door to a higher level of accessible information, hardly envisioned before.

Of all the AI branches, Computer Vision is easiest to grasp and integrate by businesses, so we highly recommend this entry point into prescriptive intelligence.

Content Engineering

We develop autonomous solutions that examine any type of content (text, video, images, media), together with real-time monitoring services.

We offer:

  • Processing at the EDGE, instead of oversizing the up/downloads – data scrutiny, reports and metrics;
  • Content digitization, creation and translation (e.g. tokenization, sentence splitting, part-of-text tagging, lemmatization and parsing);
  • OCR, digital text forensics, writing styles fingerprinting, semantic analytics, authorship etc.
  • Content review or real-time content adjustments for technical consistency and policy enforcement

Digitalization of legacy archives, the exponential rate of generating data– stirred by mobility, IoT, Robotics, social media, to name a few – bring a next level challenge: preserving both structure and dynamic while stemming deeper meaning.

RINF TECH backs companies which want to manage and structure their content through automated solutions. With reports, investigations, maps and directions, we shape raw data into the decision assisting tools which connect companies with their customers.

Cloud & DevOps

We handle Cloud architecture plus implementation through IaaS, PaaS or Saas containers and we steer for our clients the entire cloud process (Cloud application design, engineering, deployment, migration and operations), together with extensive certifications across all cloud technologies.

We offer:

  • Microservices, orchestration and DevOps within several domains (from hi-tech, security, automotive, to retail or supply chain technology) is our cup of tea;
  • Full-lifecycle product development services based on Scrum and Kanban;
  • Autonomous software and systems architecture with deep end integrations.

Continuously breeding partnerships with world leading providers (either Cloud, PaaS or SDN) and with emerging challengers (specialized on value adding niches) qualifies us to handle everything, from public, private to hybrid or multi-cloud implementations.