Introducing IQ MATT – the touchscreen testing robot

Engineered by RINF Tech, IQ MATT is an innovative robot for automated testing on touchscreen devices. A compact, all-in-one solution for software and hardware testing, IQ MATT ensures fast and precise testing services, extending our offer in the area of Quality Assurance.

IQ MATT can test all types of touch-enabled platforms, including smartphones or tablets, across multiple industries such as telecom, IT, or automotive. Its capabilities include image recognition, as well as the ability to mimic human gestures and execute combined moves such as tap, swipe, pinch, twist, zoom in, zoom out etc. Unlike a manual tester, IQ MATT can run long cycles of over 24 hours.

Currently available in the prototype phase, IQ MATT will be officially released in early 2017.

We invite you to reach us for any inquiries that you may have regarding our innovative testing solution. To read more about IQ MATT, visit our product page:

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