RINF Tech was at CeBIT 2017

RINF Tech was present at this year’s CeBIT fair in Hannover. During 5 action-packed days, from the 20th to 24th of March, our team proudly represented the company as part of the Romanian delegation.

The members of the team spent their time attending meetings with potential customers, at our stand or exploring the varied range of products and services exhibited at the fair.

We’re happy to report that:

  • We emphasized our strengths as a nearshore partner with a wealth of expertise in areas such as IT, engineering, automotive, big data and much more.
  • From the dozens of visitors at the booth, circa 30 people per day stopped to look at and inquire about IQ MATT. The positive feedback we received placed us ahead of the competition through our robot’s futuristic and unique capabilities.
  • We appreciate the team’s efforts in representing us at CeBIT. Due to their involvement, RINF Tech established itself further as a reliable nearshore partner with top-of-the-line services.

Alina Floroiu – Account Manager, RINF Germany: “It being my first time attending such a massive event, the CeBIT was a privilege and exhausting in equal measure — the thousands of people dashing about to look at the myriad of products and innovations showcased, or seizing business opportunities left and right certainly fire one up but can be overwhelming at the same time. It was highly energizing, however, to present our services to companies in very different industries, of various sizes, and with varying needs; we had a positive feedback overall, people were impressed by our range of services and know-how. I think we did a great job presenting RINF, attracting new leads and am looking forward to bringing new projects in.“

Key highlights from CeBIT:

  • The fair featured around 3,000 exhibitors from 70 nations and has attracted more than 200,000 visitors.
  • From this huge number of visitors, 51% were top decision makers with a 30% investment rate.
  • The top attractions included a minibus equipped with artificial intelligence making it capable of answering passengers’ questions, drones which can be used to inspect industrial plant and equipment and the Smart City.
  • The CeBIT Global Conferences, featured more than 200 speakers on three different stages – including leading Japanese robotics researcher Hiroshi Ishiguro, AI visionary Ray Kurzweil – who is predicting the fusion of man and machine within the next 15 years – and social media expert Michal Kosinski, with his provocative take on psycho-targeting during election campaigns.
  • The U.S. whistleblower Edward Snowden, spoke on a live video link from his Russian exile about the increasingly widespread use of encryption technologies that are making it more difficult for hackers to access data, although the “golden age of secret services” remains a reality.

Oliver Frese, Deutsche Messe Managing Board member, about next year CeBIT fair: “We are redefining CeBIT, with our sights set on establishing it as Europe’s No. 1 platform and festival for digital technology, innovation and business development for the digital economy.”