RINF London @ Apps World 2015

At Apps World, RINF will discuss two main topics: monolithic application transformation using microservices & Azure and mathematical graph modeling using Spark & Hadoop.

Changes in requirements or functional / non-functional needs is a key stressor for software applications. Because of this, systems that can embrace change are becoming increasingly important. At Apps World, RINF will talk about the process of transforming monolithic or legacy systems into granular microservice applications that embrace and drastically reduce the cost of software changes.

Aggressive growth in the amount of accessible data has led to the widespread use of the word “Big Data.” Instead of using that word, RINF will talk about data analytics making use of Spark and Hadoop, and our experience creating an application to identify melanoma.

At Apps World, RINF aims to share from its experience on the previous topics and on a variety of others.

RINF is a digital transformation and nearshore software development company. We’d love to see you at our stand.

But, regardless, please enjoy a paid access pass on us and confirm your presence here!