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SAP Support for an Energy and Engineering Multinational

Our client is an Energy and Engineering Multinational based in Germany, with over 600 affiliated companies in more than 100 countries. The company has customers in the industrial, science, research and public sectors.


Our client was looking for business partner with prior SAP experience that could deliver in a Hosted Team Extension model where the team would be working remotely.

The client had around 250 pending tickets with priority levels 2 to 5. The typical ticket SLA response time ranged from one day to a few months, depending on the priority level and request complexity.

The pending tickets had impact on several Business Units across the organization. Each ticket was assigned to an “affected service”, which dictated the priority level and how fast the ticket needed to be fixed. This issue had significant impact on their business customer relationship.


Our SAP Support team encountered challenges like:

  • Obtaining both an overview and a detailed view on a very complex and productive SAP system, in which they found a significant number of customer-specific developments (non-standard SAP) which were previously implemented
  • Taking over some of the clients’ unimplemented project phases which were specific for certain geographies within the EU
  • Dealing with issues found at the boundary between MM-FI, MM, SD modules


Our team managed a ticket response which varies from a few hours up to 2 months (for example, the Frozen Zone period when no changes are allowed in the SAP system QAS – Quality Assurance Server) where the solution requires changes to system configuration.

This process was in accordance to the implementation process/approval/validation business which ran through HP Service Manager (HP-SM), HP Project and Portfolio Management Center (HP-PPM) and HP Application Lifecycle Management- Quality Center (HP-QC).

The tickets were validated in a test environment and in a specific way: through HP Application Lifecycle Management – a Quality Center tool for creating/managing/validation tests by users.


We created a partnership based on trust and performance. For each project, we identified and provided the best solutions for our customers’ need, while keeping a tight deadline.

Through our EXTERNAL TEAM EXTENSION delivery model, the client benefitted from:

  • An extended team with experienced SAP consultants
  • Analysis and customized solutions for each specific business line, allowing for improved reporting and optimized resources allocations
  • Diagnosis of complex errors and the delivery of optimal solutions, resulting in unblocking business processes
  • Support for business in accessible, non-technical language
  • Detailed documentation solutions at a high quality standard
  • Fast reaction time