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Indoor Location Research and Development using DECT Technology


They were looking for a software development company that had the capability to design and manage software development projects that integrated with their proprietary hardware components and – following extensive business-case testing within the client’s various divisions – a company that was capable of iterating on the software, improving the product and ramping up the production to a commercial level.


Based on the client’s special requirements, we offered a customized solution: a prototype for an indoor location system that the client would be able to launch into full scale commercial production.

The prototype was made up of two components: a powerful algorithm written in C++ that was capable of accepting the information from the module and locating that module inside of a building within a three-meter radius. The second component was a GUI that displayed the location of the module on a map of the building and was able to follow it as it was moved about.


We committed to providing the client with enough depth and experience in project delivery to be available for second and third iterations – that is, the development capacity that allowed for full commercial development of the product. This was a necessity for the client because they needed the opportunity to smoothly transition from prototype to market ready products.

After the prototype specifications were aligned and the project was underway, RINF’s team was able to increase the accuracy of the prototype by using three different innovative methods for finding location based on the data from the hardware components that the client provided. This proved the commercial feasibility of the prototype and meant that the client could profit by continuing to allocate R&D funds to this area.

The client benefited from our extensive capabilities on: project scoping, project management, software design, algorithm creation and optimization.

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