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Embedded Software development, verification & validation for Eastern Europe’s largest automotive R&D Centre

Our client is one of the global market leaders in electronic components and system integration, with mature expertise and know-how in system development, manufacturing, human-machine interaction design, electronics integration and mechatronics.

The company is a major automotive supplier that designs, engineers and manufactures innovative climate, interior, electronic and lightning products for vehicle manufacturers and is at this point the largest R&D center in Eastern Europe.


The client was looking for a partner with advanced embedded software expertise on projects in:

  • Body Control Modules: C-Embedded, Validation & Verification, requirements Engineers,
  • Infotainment: Telematics Engineers and Requirements Engineers
  • Driver Information: C-Embedded, Validation & Verification, requirements Engineers


RINF offered consulting services and presented technical capabilities on the relevant areas:

  • Connectivity products, including portable navigation systems, cell phones and music players to be used in the vehicle as if they were installed in the factory
  • Hands free systems that connect to Bluetooth devices and operate using voice recognition
  • Central console that the user would be able to control and navigate via touch screen, voice and other vehicle control, offering features including : multimedia, navigation, internet connectivity.

Through our On site Specialists solution we ensured that within one month after the initial request, our team was deployed to the client’s R&D center and working on: Mobile Device Gateway and Connected Display Units, Telematics Projects and Software Development Projects.


RINF’s collaboration with the client started in 2010 and it is ongoing. With RINF’s support the client was able to successfully overcome backlog and avoid projects falling behind schedule.

Our On Site Specialists solution provided an extremely efficient manner to rapidly build teams and to fasten the client’s Time to Market.

Additionally, our services proved to be a necessity in order to maintain the Eastern Europe R&D Infrastructure that still needed excellent engineers in order to perform.

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