The idea of driving, as the concept of vehicle, is rapidly changing. The car is pushing beyond the point of it being just the instrument whose purpose is moving humans from point A to point B.


The cockpit is now an environment where all the components that together shape the driver’s experience are interconnected and communicate with each other. From infotainment systems to blind spot parking sensors, the possibilities for creating new tools that rely on embedded hardware, as well as on cloud-based solutions are no longer bound into the tight knots of localized systems and invariable series.

Any automotive producer who aims at being highly competitive, now and in the immediate future, cannot miss the opportunity of implementing these new technologies in their products.

We rely on our programmers and engineers to help our partners develop innovative and top-quality features, adopt the newest tool-set advancements and deliver the best driving experience to their customers.

Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Instrument Cluster and HMI
  • Infotainment platforms, Connectivity
  • ECU, BCM, GW
  • Telematic platforms for Automotive
  • Advanced Driver-Assistant Systems (ADAS) and AD
  • Drivers for any sensor
  • Secure access and System tools
  • Automotive after market applications and platforms

Technology & Services:

  • Embedded software development
  • Software integration
  • OS porting and Hardware Platforms
  • Test Systems & Environment / QA / Test Automation
  • Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) development
  • C++ / C / AnsiC / Scripting languages / Eclipse / Java programing
  • GPU Architectures / CPU / Computer architecture
  • Vision / Radar processing algorithms
  • CV, ML, CNN Technology

Project examples:

  • Automotive ADAS vision & radar product

Collision detection, warning & avoidance, blind spot detection, lane change assistance & departure warning system, rear cross-traffic alerts, vulnerable road user detection.

  • SDK Low-level drivers development & testing

High quality embedded system-level software for SDK products for all automotive product lines (Body & Comfort, Gateway, ADAS, Powertrain & Chassis etc.)

  • Unified Configuration Tool (UTC)

UCT is a product on top of an Eclipse based IDE, used to configure peripherals (IPs) inside the SoCs.

  • MCAT (Motor Control Application Tuning Tool)

Automatic & custom motor setup adaptation, supporting real-time tuning, static parameters configuration and generic output file.

  • System Tools, Compilers & RTO

Tools for AMP, supporting ADAS Radar & Vision, compilers tools with runtime technology for Linux & AUTOSAR, new generation platforms on Gateway & Autonomous Driving

From cloud-based vehicle diagnostic systems to Android-based in-vehicle applications, driver assistance, telematics and stand-alone control units our automotive division team is geared to building and integrating automotive solutions that are OEM specific.