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We provide robotic engineering services and develop custom solutions to leverage your product development.

We love robots. We design them, build them and provide our customers turn-key solutions.

We aim to integrate the best solutions in terms of design, and technology, while keeping the focus on our clients’ needs and expectations.

While our robots have been developed with a clear business need in mind, we can provide fully customizable solutions to help automating processes, areas or testing. From idea to welding, we combine mechanics, electronics and software into unique solutions.

We offer

  • Packed stockpile of embedded tools
  • Integration of the platforms, microchips and applications
  • Innovative hardware and assembly services
  • Compliance with industry standards and certifications.
  • Embedded systems are the foundation of everything in technology today since they control most devices in use.

Our dedicated low-level engineering practice allows us to offer state of the art solutions, with high regard for the international procedures, standards and certifications.


Our awards-winning Robotic team efforts led us to develop MATT, an innovative solution for automated QA testing.

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