R&D Embedded

Embedded systems are the foundation of everything in technology today since they control the majority of devices in use, turning them into smart tools capable of connecting, receiving and returning information.

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Our dedicated low-level engineering practice allows us to offer state of the art solutions, with high regard for the international procedures, standards and certifications.

We place in advantage businesses that develop the next gen products with integrated innovative hardware and software displaying crisp and enticing user interface.

Smart-ER devices will be successful in developing their potential and boosting their power to transform our experience, increasing value and opening options for insight monetization.

From a company’s perspective, this means more control over all the tools, more efficiency and a simplified and smarter way of working, resulting in cost savings.

We help companies build new tools and products from optimized chipsets to SoCs, from smart toys to wellness gear, from smart cameras to AR avatars.

Furthermore, our teams of developers can match any sensor and physical device with electronics and its corresponding digital interfaces, allowing for full automations from metadata flows up throughout the process chain.


Tool stack and prebuilt assets in

  • AI – Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition
  • IoT – Sensors, Actuators, M2M, Healthcare, NBIoT, LoRaWan, SigFox
  • Virtualization – Docker, Kubernetes, FaaS, MicroServices, AWS, GCP, Azure
  • Augmented Reality – 3D Modelling, AR Core, Unity

We offer

  • Packed stockpile of embedded tools
  • Integration of platforms, microchips and applications
  • Virtualization and cloud platforms
  • Innovative hardware and assembly services
  • Compliance with industry standards and certifications