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The new technologies availability is a tidal wave that brings opportunities as well as a new generation of challenges.

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The sheer amount of data gathered could be o problem in itself. It’s like being in a racing car with its hundreds of horse power but no steering wheel. That’s why we also need to architect the systems capable of coordinating and integrate these data in order to make the most out of its potential. The effort for mastering hardware, IoT platforms and sensors requires smart and efficient interfaces, capable of interpreting that information and wrangle it so that smarter services become deliverable.

Our engineers’ and developers’ skillset covers a broad range of domains, as embedded engineering, IoT, Cloud Distributed Application (lift and shift and cloud ready). And we’ll architect dedicated software for all the products that our partners want to develop and integrate.

Technology Areas

  • Image Recognition and high performance
  • Autonomous & Automated Software Testing
  • Multi-device Support for haptic and capacitive touch screens
  • Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Neural Networks,
  • Application architecture and design
  • Cloud services integration
  • Interfaces for IoT, hardware, sensors
  • Interfaces for cockpits
  • Avatars
  • Robotics

Project Examples

  • Intruder Detection Smart Camera Algorithms
  • CCTV Smart Camera Dashboard
  • Augmented Reality Avatars
  • Video Crunch for Relevant Content
  • Store Traffic Monitoring
  • Thermal Imaging for water leakage
  • Simulation Suite for IoT Architecture
  • LinkRay Dashboards – Li-Fi content aggregate
  • Smart global parking systems
  • Bluetooth extreme low energy tuning
  • Development of Machine Learning optimized SoC
  • Smart Lighting – Helix Cloud etc.