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You have probably already heard of the miracles that digital transformation works. Chances are that you also know that the price your business is going to pay, if it doesn’t jump on board, can go from a significant loss of revenue, to a downgrade of your brand power in favor of other players.

It is all true, because the global market goes digital, your competitors are evolving, and you must evolve too, if you want to keep your share of the cake. If you even want to thrive (and we hope you are), you should consider doing it faster than your competitors.

A hard but achievable objective indeed, for the reason that, while to many decision makers is clear that they should explore new tools and reshape their business, most of them implement new software and adopt new platforms at a very slow pace due to a lack of expertise and know-how.

Why Digital Transformation?

Ok, digital transformation is necessary to stay ahead of the competition, but, besides that, why should you bother developing new technologies, or an entirely new and disruptive business model?

While the shift from the old practices to the new ones implies an initial investment in terms of efforts and financial resources the benefits will come in the middle-long run:

  • More efficiency will allow to cut costs
  • Your service or product will be more appealing to your consumers because it will carry a higher value, and your practices will be optimized. The competitive advantage you will gain will certainly lead you to an improvement of the ROI
  • Your revenue will be boosted

In practice: tools and processes

Let’s go through what will do the magic there. Some examples are:

Cloud Solutions

Cloud assets

Digital innovation often implies the migration of data and workflows to the Cloud.

Such solutions can relieve your organization from the costs and the difficulties of maintaining physical servers, developing software and toolboxes. You can learn more about the best practices and the benefits (and challenges) of Cloud migration by reading this article.

The extended remote working scenario companies are managing is pushing more and more organization to rely on Cloud services to store and transfer data.

Some of the benefits related to the Cloud are:

  • Scalability
  • Fast implementation
  • Disaster recovery
  • The possibility to transfer a high amount of data simultaneously



Artificial intelligence for business

From testing tools, that can be robots or software, to marketing communication (think of chat bots that pop up on websites to engage with users), automation can boost your productivity and deliver sensational results.

Have you checked MATT yet? The automated touch-screen testing robot is relieving testers from repetitive tasks, allowing for 24h flawless work and liberating engineers from the most repetitive, boring tasks.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has gone through impressive progresses during the last decade and is now used across all the industries.

An example? Retailers can benefit from all the insights about consumers’ behavior by implementing in-store technologies equipped with Computer Vision and analytics tools, that allow them to design the physical space and the customer’s experience based on what their clients are doing and are interested in.

We invite you to take a look at one of our projects, to discover the potential of AI for retailers!

Be brave!

When you plan your digital transformation process, consider a few important aspects that can maximize the results of your work:

  • Welcome new solutions – tailored to your needs

Look carefully at what your competitors are doing, inspire yourself but do not copy them: your goal is being one step ahead.

  • Aim for the stars

Don’t be afraid of getting familiar with niche, disruptive solutions. Explore the next technology, while you are using the current one. Expand your know-how, add your personal touch and always study your next move. Your goal is to surf the wave, not to swim behind it. 

Do you want to talk about the best options for you to express your full potential? Talk to our experts, we will be happy to have a conversation with you 😊

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