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For over 10 years we deliver digital products and services, with full focus on high quality and innovative solutions that drive business growth.

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Year over year we enriched our knowledge and expertise with investing extra efforts in building PoCs meant to boost the adoption of digital waves within the projects with our clients (data, IoT, machine learning, deep learning etc.). We soon realized that our growth was proportional to our core principle of always promoting innovating components in every customer relationship.  

Today our organization is formed of over 500 skilled and motivated people that work with a variety of technologies in an environment that encourages innovation and creativity.    

In such a rapidly changing business environment, our clients need a sturdy partner that can build innovative solutions and relieve them of their current challenges the pressure of uncertainty.  

We are driven by the same mission as our customers: to build digitally integrated products and services that smarten people’s lives through innovative yet simpler solutions. 

Our Mission

To offer digital integrated products and services that smarten people’s lives.

Our Vision

Along with partners that architect the future world we do innovate and generate smart digital products and services.

Our Values

We aim to constantly make space for the shift resulting from everyone else’s work.
We respect ourselves, trust our teams and believe in the unique contribution of each individual.
We are explorers, we are curious and ambitious and act on these traits to continuously deliver excellence.
We stand true to ourselves and prove maturity in our thoughts, words and actions.
We enjoy participation, we encourage idea moments, we bring novelties to life and we meet challenges with optimism and humor.
We anticipate our stakeholders’ needs and act proactively to support, coach and mentor others for success.

Our Principles

  1. Simple code is the ideal worth reaching. Integration trumps feature.
  2. Technology is only good if it solves the systemic challenge first.
  3. Diversity enriches the minds and souls.
  4. You cannot fight code entropy – you need a good team and proper tooling.
  5. We reinvent ourselves each day, while being anchored daily in our history.
  6. Strive for great code and nothing short of it.

Today our organization is formed of over 300 well-accomplished people that work with a variety of technologies in an environment that fosters both divergent creativity and convergent innovation.

Our Team

Leadership and teamwork.

We value our people’s experience and expertise, encouraging leadership, initiative and creativity. Our efforts keep producing fresh ideas through out of the box thinking. That’s how we bring value to our partners, providing highly tailored, innovative and reliable solutions. Together we explore, build and achieve success in all our projects. 

Our Offices

Our offices are in modern and comfortable buildings located in the main business areas of each city we have centers in. We promote a relaxed and stimulating work environment, purpose that impacts the organization of our physical space. We are always happy to have people coming to meet us and show them around the office.

Our headquarters are in the business area of Bucharest, hosting our administrative departments, as well as RINF TECH’s technical core.

The capital of Romania, with a population of 2,121,794 people, is one of the biggest IT centers in Europe. Due to its excellence in technical education, a high number of students (13,300), and a high percentage of foreign languages speakers, Bucharest has the largest talent pool in Romania. The subsistence of such a scenario, combined with the IT professionals’ diversified skills portfolio, and the availability of modern office space, convinced many companies to choose Bucharest to establish their activities.

We deliver from our HQ projects in Automotive, IoT, Computer Vision, Robotics and more.

RINF TECH’s headquarters are also the home of MATT. Here the testing automation robot was ideated, designed and built. Our team is constantly working to adapt MATT to the needs of all businesses that need to test their software on touch-screen devices.

In 2019 we opened the doors of Senticle, RINF TECH’s Automotive delivery center.

Senticle office is located in a top-class building, where our employees can benefit of great comfort, as well as a wonderful view over Timisoara.

The decision to expand in Timisoara was due to its proximity to our customers in the first place, and to the important talent pool available in the area, with a 329,003 people population (153,477 working population and 31,000 students).

The city is known for its Automotive savvy talent pool, and for an important number of significant companies from the industry.

Our team is expanding every day, and we are eager to welcome new talent and grow with our clients and our people.

Ukraine is a hot market for the Technology industry and a rich area in terms of talent. Its professional and cultural standards are favorably close to ours, making Kiev a great destination for us to grow in the region.

The new location, set in the city center of Kiev. The city, with a population of around 2,800,000 people, hosts a team of HR and talent acquisition consultants, technical and administrative management and a technical department. They are supporting RINF TECH’s customers in their software development needs, whether it involves development for Automotive, IoT, AI, Enterprise Applications and more.

RINF TECH has been working on the Bulgarian Market for more than 10 years, managing several projects, mainly in Automotive Software Development.

Our Bulgarian Delivery Center started delivering nearshore teams and focusing on promoting qualitative and fast IT development services within the Bulgarian Software development market.

RINF TECH Bulgaria is present in Sofia, in a class A+ building, providing the best available security and environment standards.

Our delivery center in Sofia was built around a long-term project with a leading global Automotive supplier. Over 100 employees delivered over 50 projects in the last 10 years, in collaboration with our partners.