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We bring together experts from different domains and engage them in meaningful conversations about trends, technology and innovation.

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What is Open Minds

Open Minds by RINF TECH is a series of events witch will bring together technology savvies from different industries, and from different backgrounds. We plan on delivering first hand information about trends, products and projects as well as offering insights about world wide tech initiatives and novelties applied in real life business.

The structure of the event

Open Minds is conceived as a combination of knowledge, networking and learning. Each event gravitates around a presentation intended to share the knowledge, initiate a dialogue and generate debates. Drinks and snacks are on us!

zoom in IoT

Meet the first Open Minds by RINF TECH event. Focused on IOT, we have discussed the latest trends and analyzed one of our products (Matt, the Robot). The event targeted both clients and potential clients and provided the perfect opportunity for us to exchange ideas in a friendly amtosphere.

Mihai Craciunescu (Senior IT Engineer @ RINF TECH) showed us the steps needed to design and build robots, the advantages of robot integration in IoT, as well as showcasing how we have integrated one of our own projects (Matt) in the IoT platform. 

Bogdan Popescu (Project Manager @RINF TECH) ignited a debated regarding the advantages and disadvantages, while Stefan Andritoiu (AI Solution Architect @RINF TECH) showed as what happened behind the scenes. Thank you all for sharing the knowledge! Until next time!

Thank you all for sharing the knowledge! Until next time!