Your career should be at RINF TECH

Our work is in Automotive, Internet of Things, Semiconductors and AI. Our responsibility is to provide our clients with the best possible code, hardware and ideas: for this reason, we are always in search of talents to enrich our professional and human treasure.  

You can play a key role here, let’s conquer our goals together! 

If you are curious, flexible and enthusiast, if you want to be in the frontline when it comes to breaking into future technologies and you feel like you would be the best version of yourself in an environment that endorses autonomy, creativity and good mood… we think you should be here! 

Trial period update​

A career change in uncertain times can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. Thinking of moving your career forward, but you’re worried about job safety? Taking a step in an unstable ground can be frightening, but at RINF TECH we make things differently, so there is no reason to feel insecure. 😀

Due to the current status, more than 400 RINFers are working remotely, and we are growing our teams for multiple projects.

We have also reshaped our onboarding process and recruitment policies to eliminate the uncertainty of a new career move, so our approach for the duration of the State of Emergency is updated: Our recruiters and technical people conduct the entire interviewing process online, and our new colleagues will all work from the safety of their homes.

The 3 months trial period is history!

In fact, there will be no trial period at all! 🙌 Take a look at our open positions and join a great team today!

We are​

Software explorers

We develop highly customized solutions for our clients, walking unexplored paths and helping customers adopting fresh and creative technologies for their businesses. We became part of Intel’s AI builders network, in order to be in the first line when it comes to crafting ground-breaking technologies. Openness, leadership and creativity make our services stand out, and our people shine. Do you like to experiment, update your knowledge and bring new ideas? Your place is here!

Robots creators

We had a vision: liberate Software Testers from repetitive tasks. Our robotic team believed it, wanted it and started working hard for it. One day MATT, the robot that plays with touch-screens like a human being came out of our lab. We can’t wait to introduce the two of you at our office!

Day after day, we focus on the development of our community, inspired by our values and our people’s ideas and… feedback 😉

Starting and keeping an open communication with job candidates helps companies collaborate with people that are likely to share their vision and culture and improve their processes. It also helps job seekers find the right fit for them and achieve their goals. The way our candidates feel at every stage of their experience with RINF TECH matters to us. Our team collects candidates’ feedback throughout the entire recruitment process, and commits to giving feedback to all the people that will get in touch with us. To improve ourselves and help our candidates get their dream job.

Here’s what you are missing everyday you spend far away from us:

Feeling right

A pleasant working environment, where work and wellness are one thing: awesome events, Tech talks where we get together and share our ideas and insights.


• Ownership of your projects, internal mobility, room for creativity
• Flexible working hours and remote working

Quality of life

• Work/life balance
• Complete benefit pack


• Continuous learning, soft and technical skills training
• Project rotation
• Ideas incubator


No man is an island, and, when we get together, we can bring the best out of each other. Your success is my success: RINF TECH community meets once per month for a Townhall to thank each other for the great work and for the amazing time we spend together. We keep connected, and we inspire one another.


Your thirst for novelty and challenges will be quenched: we will always ride the wave of innovation. RINF TECH promotes an Entrepreneurial culture: many of our employees had wonderful ideas about new projects, and we made it happen together. You can express yourself with the certainty that we will support you and value your vision.

We've got the perfect job for you!

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