Andrei Filimon is our new Branch Manager in Timisoara

We are glad to announce that Andrei Filimon, our current Cluster Manager for Timisoara Branch, has joined RINF TECH Board taking on a new role – Branch Manager for Timisoara.

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Branch Manager Timisoara

Andrei has joined RINF TECH in 2018, with the mission of opening our delivery center in Timisoara. His role has involved hands on consultancy for clients, technical lead involvement in the projects’ design process, technical growth of the team, and more.

Andrei has an impeccable track record and we trust his leadership, human and technical skills, to drive our team and our partners to success.

Andrei graduated at Politehnica Timisoara University in 2009 and started his career in software development more than 10 years ago, focusing on Automotive projects. He became part of RINF TECH team in 2018  “I’m proud of working side by side with this amazing team. I’m looking forward to tackling the new business and technical challenges in creating a great Delivery Center in Timisoara”.

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