Tech Garage™

Irrespective of industry vertical, product portfolio or type of device, mobile is the fulcrum around which we base integrations and pivoting.

We offer:

  • A wide variety of assets which support repurposing: Robotics, IoT Sensors, CCTV, Video analytics, Thermal imaging, Text Processing, VLC, BLE, Wifi, RFID, Beacons, Media Tracking, DECT, Smart Contracts Automation, Dedicated Hardware and Integrations, AR, VR, Chat Bots, 3D Printing, CyberSecurity.
  • Dedicated mobile labs and best practices in mobility-driven digital transformation, IoT, embedded, UI/UX
  • Design thinking engineering focused on user experience and benefitting cross-industry capability: from real-estate to automotive, retail or supply chain.
  • Multi-screen expertise: from tablets and any type of smartphone to smart TV and accessories (watches) and even gaming consoles
  • Technology expertise with a wide range of platforms.

Digital transformation waves currently disrupting industries require high modularity and prebuilt assets as an imperative for all companies that want to differentiate and improve customer experiences.

Tech Garages™ : Lean/MVP integration line to merge hardware and software micro components into upgraded products.

These upgrades are focused on reducing uncertainties due to disruptors and advancing features through the launchpad in order to address emerging market needs.
We achieve uplifts of existing systems in order to keep capitalizing on past investments. For example, a side portfolio product can be detached into RINF PM to optimize its end of lifecycle phase or achieve pivoting towards new market segments.

We all stand by the same beliefs: we truly think that progress can only be achieved through science and technology, as it is the answer to all human quests and that innovation is the path to go there.