Tech Forge™

New product or service creation and development ignited in 2 phases:

  • Challenge framing space (understand, empathize, define)
  • Solution framing space  (ideate, prototype, test)


  • Allowing for Lens Shifting
  • Staging customer‘s customers shifts of perspective,
  • Intaking variables for business environment and context deviations
  • Stepping from challenge to solution together.
  • Design thinking-driven engineering for ideation and implementation.

It starts with singling out an area of focus … framing a sociotechnical system.

Tech Forge™ : Lean/MVP strategies achieving clarity of focus, reducing noise and predefined paradigms, all to advance groundbreaking products through the launchpad and full take off.

Advantages from thorough observation of the battlefields can be only implemented when the mind is cooled down… Experience is essential – but it will mostly get in the way when the environment is fast shifting and higher focus needed to achieve the novelty.
Therefore our heroes here are the business engineers (or the molders how we like to call them – as they can forget and reFORGE the past).

Digital transformation waves that disrupt throughout the industries require shorter and shorter delivery cycles as an imperative for all companies that want to differentiate and improve customers experiences.

When gathering requirements we do not sit in front of you, but by your side.

What was done in 5 years is now accomplished in 2 and everyone is gearing up to cut that in half !